Soul Journey


I start this travel blog just two months from the start of my journey, beginning on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Now I sit just outside of Auckland, in a South Pacific suburb slice of paradise in the Waitakere Ward. New Zealand is unbelievably beautiful!

I will be sharing some sites from my journey, and backtracking along the way. This journey started in Australia, from Melbourne to Burnie, Tasmania, to visit my best friend and her man, as they prepared for their wedding at the end of November. Was a truly Canadian start to the holiday, with 8 Canadians (plus the hostess) in the house. Tasmania was breathtaking, with rolling grassy hills, beautiful trees (Norfolk pine was a fave) and amazing wildlife. I will share this part of the adventure as well, along with Matteo and my journey half way up the east coast of Australia.

For now we take time to relax and get a closer look at what makes this country so amazing. With our own set of wheels, we will soon start preparing our ‘camper van’ station wagon for the future voyage to the South Island. In the meantime I will exercise this working holiday visa! Let the games begin!

Thank you for checking out my travel blog.. I will try to post as often as I can. Best wishes to you on whatever road you are on … every day is an Adventure!

(The photo featured above is of Piha beach .. one of the top Surfing spots on the West Coast of NZ).