The many marvels of Music

Who says Music can’t heal the world? Neuroscience is sure on its way to showing many examples of how music can create regenerative changes within people with mental and physical health problems. Take the vibrational qualities that relax the body for one – Sound Healing is a powerful therapy to reset our physical system back to a state of homeostasis. Creating music of our own allows for abstract thought, which can help shed a completely new light on a problem or ignite a fresh perspective to get the ball rolling. When medication and basic care only manage to sustain life, music can travel its way through the auditory nerve into the brain where multiple areas are awakened to produce astounding results; such as regained motor activity, lyrical memory recollection, an increase in mood and reduction in agitation. Pretty freaking cool eh?

Just think how particular songs, or artists can bring you back to where you want to be – relaxed, pumped up, happy or focused. The soothing sounds of water, with ocean waves, ACDC’s ‘Thunderstruck,’ or Bob Marley’s ‘Three Little Birds’ all have a unique way of bringing us to a particular energy level. We may not understand exactly how music manages to create these moods within us, but there is an amounting research that shows just how receptive humans are to particular genres, tones and rhythms. Just think back to the last time you used music to revitalize yourself.

Discovering how we can use music in our workplace and schools to build a cohesive and creative environment is a simple solution to enrich our lives and help build healthy communities. With the amounting evidence revealing music as a healing medium for improving mental health disorders and quality of life for those living with a variety of diseases, in what way can we bring more of what we all love into our practices?

You may not all have a voice like Norah Jones, or a sense of rhythm like Ringo Starr, but we all have the ability to appreciate beautiful sounds.  A Zimbabwean proverb acknowledges it perfectly:

“If you can walk you can dance. If you can talk you can sing”.

So bring the noise!


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