Bringing Music to Care Facilities in Nanaimo

Bringing Music to Care Facilities in Nanaimo

Alive With Music – A Personalized Program for Enriching Lives in Care Facilities

Music is strongly associated with emotions and memories and can have therapeutic benefits for older adults. In this session, VIU undergraduates, faculty and Kiwanis Village staff share experiences of the Music and Memory Program, and the new personalized playlists project. The Centre for Healthy Aging and Community-Engaged Scholarship (Parksville, BC) is hosting free, research networking luncheons to:

  1. Share current aging research and education on topics that matter to older adults and senior-serving organizations
  2.  Promote evidence-informed aging research, education and practice
  3. Promote the work of the Centre through liaison between VIU Faculty and Community Partners.

Follow the link to learn more about registering for this event, taking place in Nanaimo on November 13th, at Kiwanis Village, from 12 pm to 2 pm.



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