We are incredibly fortunate on Vancouver Island to host a surplus of talented musicians, vocalists, painters and artisans. It must be the mountains and spectacular ocean views, ’cause Canadian West Coast is brewing many a spectacular  sounds and sights.

Cameron Gunn & Matteo Belcourt 

In the House Festival, Vancouver, 2013

Based currently in Nanaimo, BC, this talented duo is making head-waves across the country.

From the island of Quadra, Cameron Gunn has been compared to the likes of Robert Zimmerman (aka Bob Dylan), with his poetic lyrics haunting resonance. Living the life of a wanderer for many years has inspired his soulful descriptions of the times we live. Cameron whips up mutiple styles including folk, hip hop, soul and blues, to create his unmistakable original sound, which is highlighted by his deep vocal timbre, driving clawhammer guitar, and dynamic lyrics. Together with percussionist extraordinaire, Matteo ‘Bongo Belly’ Belcourt, who combines numerous world beats with a dynamic energy force, they will have you dancing till the sun rises.

Listen to Cameron Gunn on Reverbnation

Harbour City

Their highly anticipated album will be released this Winter, 2014

Shanna Dance

Shanna Dance

“Shanna Dance,  Victoria’s own vocal gem, has a rare and
profound ability to instantly capture and embrace an audience.
Covering genres from straight jazz standards to deep soulful R&B
music she takes her audience on an exciting and enriching musical journey.
Having been compared to singers such as Amy Winehouse,  Joss Stone
and even Etta James,  Shanna will amaze you with her moving vocal passion.
She is also known to surprise audiences by performing her own rhythmic
percussion accompaniment.”

To listen to samples of this incredible vocalist, visit

More Artists’ info to be shared soon! …..


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